A little about Paws of Perfection

Paws of Perfection is a dog grooming parlour with specialist equipment, set up in a small shop in Woodlands Park, Maidenhead.

Nicole's passion of living and working with dogs has lead her to become an experienced and qualified dog groomer. Whilst your dog is with Nicole she will focus not only on the final appearance of the dog but also the dogs emotional needs during the grooming process.

"Nicole's philosophy is to try and ensure that only one families dogs are with her at a time, to reduce any distress for some dogs that have socialising issues."

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At Paws of Perfection I offer a range of services.

  • I offer a different range of shampoos when washing your dogs, plus a different range of fragrances when finishing to make your dog smell clean and fresh.
  • Nail clipping
  • Bathing
  • Drying (no cage drying)
  • De-Tangling
  • Hair cuts and styling
  • Ear cleaning

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